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How to Clean TV Screen Samsung Without Streaks?

  • 4 min read
  • February 10
how to clean tv screen samsung

How To Clean Samsung TV Screen

Your TV screen is one of the most important parts of your television set. But if you don’t take care of it, it can quickly become dirty, scratched and damaged. Cleaning your TV screen is easier than ever before with these useful tips below.

how to clean a samsung tv

Wipes, sprays or a gel: you can buy all kinds of stuff in the shops to clean a television. But what is the best way to get your Samsung TV dust-free and grease-free?

How To Clean TV Screen?

The best way to clean your TV screen is with a slightly damp microfibre cloth. It removes greasy finger prints and picks up the dust. So save money and effort and don’t buy special TV cleaning products. That’s not necessary.

A clean TV in 4 steps

Cleaning your TV is very simple. Just follow these four easy steps below:

  1. Turn off the TV and let it cool down.
  2. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with water to remove dust and fingerprints.
  3. Wring the cloth well to ensure that no water can run into the edge of the TV.
  4. Do not wipe the screen too hard with the cloth. It is better to go softly more often than once hard. This way you have the least chance of damage.

Important to know:
No moisture should get between the TV screen and the edge of your TV. Electronics and moisture don’t mix well. Be careful!

Cleaning products for your TV screen

There are all kinds of cleaning products for televisions:

  • Wipes (both dry and damp)
  • Sprays, often with a supplied cloth foam
  • Gels


You can find these cleaning products at electronics and household stores and the prices range from €0.50 to €17.50.


Our experts tried 18 screen cleaners such as specialty wipes, sprays, and foams. Almost all remedies got the TV screens pretty clean. However, not all are recommended.

Do not spray directly on the screen

Some TV brands recommend spraying their spray or foam directly on the screen and then wiping it out. We really DO NOT recommend this. No moisture should get between the TV screen and the bezel. So always moisten the cloth and do not immediately spray the product on the screen.


The wet and dry wipes don’t work that well. They are also often too small to properly clean a large TV screen. The special wet wipes often contain a lot of cleaning agent. This leaves residue on the screen.

Microfibre cloth

This is the best answer on how to clean tv screen samsung:

Cleaning can of course also be done with an ordinary microfibre cloth that you slightly moisten. Or with a home, garden and kitchen remedy, such as vinegar, window cleaner or a glasses cleaning cloth.

Follow these handy tips above and discover for yourself how to clean tv screen samsung in less than 10 minutes.

How to NOT clean a TV screen

The resources and so-called tricks below can be harmful to your Samsung TV. Therefore, do not clean your television in the manner described below. It is only described here to clarify what are not good methods how to clean tv screen samsung


Cleaning a TV screen with methylated spirits, is that a good idea? Spirits contain alcohol, which has a corrosive effect. This could damage the coating of a screen. Many coatings become porous from alcohol, causing them to crack and become brittle.

Quite possibly the coating on your screen can withstand alcohol, but I wouldn’t try it just to be sure. So do not use alcohol to clean your TV.

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is definitely NOT suitable for cleaning your Samsung television screen. Glassex also contains alcohol, which can affect the coating of a plasma screen.

It has the same properties as methylated spirits, it eliminates dirt and gives a streak-free result. At the same time, it is also corrosive, which could damage your Samsung TV screen.

Washing up liquid

Cleaning your TV with dish soap is not a bad idea in itself. Dishwashing liquid is not a corrosive cleaning agent and has a powerful cleaning effect.

Greasy fingers and the like are gone in no time. A big disadvantage, however, is that you cannot rinse a TV screen with plenty of water. Dishwashing liquid will remain if you do not dilute it with a generous amount of water and rinse it off.

In other words, don’t clean your Samsung TV with dish soap. You won’t get the detergent completely off the screen, which will leave a haze on the screen and it can feel sticky.

Coffee filter or paper towels

Cleaning a television with a coffee filter seems to become more popular. Although you could brush away fingerprints with the soft material of which a coffee filter is made, our experts do not recommend it. The paper could slowly but surely make small scratches in the screen. The same goes for tissues, kitchen towels or paper handkerchiefs.

All-purpose cleaner

Cleaning your television with all-purpose cleaner is not harmful, provided you have an alcohol and acetone-free all-purpose cleaner. My only comment is, why would you? If you clean the screen of your television with a dry glasses cloth, it is simply not necessary to use the all-purpose cleaner. It is best to leave all cleaning products in the cupboard.

If you want your TV screen to stay in new condition, make sure you use soft cloths and preferably only follow the step-by-step plan as has been outlined at the top of this blog post.